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Alientech: the complete offer for the garages

Today more than ever, in a cutting-edge garage, communicating with the ECUs and with the automatic TCUs, has become necessary to be competitive. Over the year, Alientech has developed a technology dedicated precisely to this need, offering a complete solution to work on Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Motorcycles and Boats.

Dedicated tools and software to work with the control units, a complete training offer, a worldwide capillary after-sales service and a constant technical assistance characterize Alientech: an organized and reliable company, built around its customers and their needs, which stands out from the market offering a 360 degree service.

Alientech solutions for remapping

KESSv2. OBD Programmer.

KESSv2 is the tool to read and write the ECUs using the vehicle’s diagnosis port.

K-TAG. Bench Programmer.

K-TAG communicates with the control unit of any vehicle through the direct interface of the control unit itself, it accesses to all the existing memories and allows advanced backup and cloning functions.

Master and Slave. Two configurations available for both tools.

The Master solution allows you to be immediately and completely independent, enabling you to introduce the necessary changes to the files read by the control unit.
The Slave solution allows you to read the control units and to rewrite a modified file tailored by skilled tuners.

None of the two proposed solutions precludes the other! This is because with a Master configuration you can still purchase a modified file already developed by an expert, while with the Slave version it will be possible to decide later on to upgrade to the Master version.

What are the Alientech tools for reading and writing ECUs?

KESSv2 and K-TAG allow to read and write the ECUs. The difference is in the method they use / how they do it.

ECM Titanium. Remapping software.​

Having available the control unit file on which you intend to intervene, the ECM Titanium software allows you to modify all the available parameters, according to your needs.
ECM Titanium is compatible with all the original files. Each original file corresponds to a driver containing all the maps necessary to intervene on the different engine management parameters, such as fuel management, advances, turbo pressure, torque and limiters.
The calibrations of the control unit can be modified through three views: tabular, 2D and 3D which allow to simplify the modification operations significantly.

Alientech Academy. Professional training courses.

Introduction to the sector, basic and specific paths depending on the skills you want to acquire: it constitutes one of the most important products that Alientech provides. Three types of courses with practical and theoretical information to learn how to use the tools correctly and to know their potential and strengths. From the fundamentals of chiptuning to the remapping of diesel, gasoline, and electric engines, up to the use of the Driver Maker plug-in, used to create the drivers or to customize an existing one.