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On air and live, the Alientech training arrives all around the world!

Over a thousand participants worldwide. And as many asked us to participate! For this reason, we have decided to reschedule new dates to meet the demands that come to us from all over the world.

For this reason, we have decided to schedule new dates for some highly requested classes and some brand-new ones. The goal is only one: to give you all the right tools that can be used immediately in your job. You will learn all about how to remap the ECU, but not only. Safe and reliable procedures to be repeated on many vehicles that you will certainly happen to have in the workshop. Plan your future and invest in yourself!

From January to March, you find in our Calendar new dates for 22 virtual classes in English, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian.

An offer that covers a quite wide period, just to give you the time to organize yourself to the best and to schedule your appointment with the Alientech training!

The Virtual Classes last little more than 3 hours, the right time to face specific issues, compare yourself with the trainer and learn operational remapping strategies on some of the most popular ECUS in the world. ECU or TCU… #neverstopremapping!

You will learn the remapping strategy for these ECUS

Each modification strategy that you will learn, it will help you to intervene also on others ECUS. You will be able to work independently and effectively just thanks to the instructions explained step by step by our trainers, during the class.
You may ask questions, clarify doubts and get to the end of the modification safely, achieving guaranteed results.

Are you curious abut the classes topics? Here are some…

Practical information, remapping examples, test on the bench, everything exceptionally live, with our mother tongue certified trainers.


It’s one of the most remapped ECUs by tuners all over the world. With this class you discover all the secrets to have the most.

You will know the simplest, fastest and most effective method to increase its performance, without compromising its mechanics. All this is possible because BMW has weakened the engine mounted on the 1 series to create various power versions, without replacing any mechanical parts. For this Alientech has analyzed for you the original files of the different versions of the 1 series turbo diesel on the market, creating a modification procedure that ensures surprising results without compromising reliability.


Class E 63 S AMG: 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. Can we do more?

Sure. with this virtual class you learn to increase the maximum torque and power of the engine in an amazing way. without changing any mechanical components, you will discover the true potential that Mercedes has reserved for the E 63 S Class AMG. Find out how to increase the various torque limiters, adjust the carburetion and avoid annoying errors in diagnosis. All the secrets of the best remappers, in just three hours!


 If I increase the RPM limitation in the TCM file, do I have to also increase the RPM limitation in the ECU file?

Yes, both control units communicate with each other, so the RPM limitation will be the lower of the two.


Could we change the axis value on the ECT map to say 100C and leave the top line as something lower to leave the ECT protect in place if engine gets too hot?

Yes, It is possible to edit the values on the axis to change the limitation related to the °C ECT. To do it properly, it’s necessary to consider what are the minimum and maximum values allowed by the issued axis, otherwise the ECU won’t work properly, and the checksum calculation will be wrong.

Discover our Trainers Team!

Riccardo Scarimbolo
Eronim Dumitru
Cesar Roldán
Ruslan Voytovych
Holger Krautt

Choose the Virtual Classes most suitable for you!

  • 29/01  –  VAG – CONTINENTAL SIMOS18
  • 05/02  –  BMW – BOSCH EDC17C06
  • 12/02  –  VAG TEMIC DSG DQ250 VAG
  • 26/02  – MERCEDES-BENZ AMG – BOSCH MED17.7.3
  • 05/03  – BOSCH MG1CS201
  • 12/03  –  VAG – CONTINENTAL SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 04/02  – VAG – CONTINENTAL SIMOS18
  • 11/02  – BMW – BOSCH EDC17C06
  • 25/02  –  VAG TEMIC DSG DQ250
  • 04/03  –  MERCEDES-BENZ AMG – BOSCH MED17.7.3
  • 11/03  – FCA – BOSCH EDC17C69
  • 08/03 – Continental SIMOS18
  • 15/03 – MERCEDES – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 22/03 – VAG  Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 29/03 – Continental SIMOS18
  • 05/04 – MERCEDES BENZ – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 12/04 – VAG – Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 22/02/2021 – HYUNDAY – Bosch EDC17CP14                                  
  • 23/03/2021 – TOYOTA – DENSO 275922-428                     
  • 02/03 – VAG – Golf VI – Bosch MED17.5
  • 16/03 – VAG – Golf VII – Bosch MD1CS004
  • 30/03 – BMW – 1 Series – Bosch MEVD17.2.5