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Alientech Academy On Tour. See you in Los Angeles!

4 training days to learn all the secrets to operate in the Chiptuning world. From 9 to 12 March!

Alientech structures its training days in an innovative and effective mix: theoretical knowledge and above all practical examples to answer your customers’ questions immediately and in the right way.

The two-level training offer is the most complete that you can find on the market: a professional in the sector must be versatile and know in depth concepts and operations, but this Alientech training offer will allow you to work on specific vehicles, intervening with the practices that your customers ask you.

Only Alientech offers you a complete training offer that can provide you with the right skills that the market requires. Attending an Alientech training course means choosing to improve your skills and consequently significantly increase your turnover.


If you can operate on the vehicles that your market asks for, then you will be sure to have satisfied and loyal customers every day.

Do you want to be the best?
Invest now in your present and your future business will be limitless.

Deciding to attend training courses certainly has a cost in terms of time and money.

However, it is a question of choosing whether to become the most requested and affirmed professional, sacrificing part of your time and money; or be one of many, offering what others are able to do.

Choosing to invest today will give you the opportunity to have a lasting, loyal and rewarding business.


TRAINER — Eric Ebert

Eric’s focus is always on helping them access, learn and apply the world’s best tuning technology.

Eric Ebert’s knowledge about performance tuning is highly regarded in Australia: he has been evolving the performance of vehicles for over 16 years.

Now, Eric heads up ALIENTECH’S Level 1, 2 & 3 Training in Australia, New Zealand, India & the USA.

He applies his hands-on teaching approach to equip technicians with relevant skills that are applicable to their specific needs. Whether he’s training beginners or advanced tuners from high-performance auto businesses.

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