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The Alientech training is live streaming and speak your language!

The Alientech Virtual Classes are increasingly in demand. That is why only for this first quarter of 2021, we added 18 classes in 3 different languages and on 12 different topics.

Why choose Alientech Virtual Classes?

We have added in the Calendar new dates and topics. Each Virtual Class lasts just over 3 hours: we will give you a schedule to keep, a time when you need to connect to participate to the class. Like you are in class, with the trainer and the other colleagues.

The topics our Academy has chosen to deepen are some of the most popular and equipped ECUS and TCUS in the world. The study concerns one single ECU and vehicles, that can be applied to other vehicles with the same ECU or engine. #neverstopremapping!

You will learn the remapping strategy for these ECUS

Are you curious about the classes topics? Here are some…

Practical information, remapping examples, real cases, test on the test bench, all exceptionally live, with our certified native speaker trainers.


Class E 63 S AMG: 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. Can we do more?

Sure. with this virtual class you learn to increase the maximum torque and power of the engine in an amazing way. without changing any mechanical components, you will discover the true potential that Mercedes has reserved for the E 63 S Class AMG. Find out how to increase the various torque limiters, adjust the carburetion and avoid annoying errors in diagnosis. All the secrets of the best remappers, in just three hours!


 If I increase the RPM limitation in the TCM file, do I have to also increase the RPM limitation in the ECU file?

Yes, both control units communicate with each other, so the RPM limitation will be the lower of the two.

Discover our Trainers Team!

Riccardo Scarimbolo
Eronim Dumitru
Cesar Roldán
Ruslan Voytovych
Holger Krautt

Choose the Virtual Classes most suitable for you!


  • 26/02  – MERCEDES-BENZ AMG – BOSCH MED17.7.3
  • 05/03  – BOSCH MG1CS201
  • 12/03  –  VAG – CONTINENTAL SIMOS PCR2.1



  • 25/02  –  VAG TEMIC DSG DQ250
  • 04/03  –  MERCEDES-BENZ AMG – BOSCH MED17.7.3
  • 11/03  – FCA – BOSCH EDC17C69


  • 08/03 – Continental SIMOS18
  • 15/03 – MERCEDES – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 22/03 – VAG  Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 29/03 – Continental SIMOS18
  • 05/04 – MERCEDES BENZ – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 12/04 – VAG – Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 02/03 – VAG – Golf VI – Bosch MED17.5
  • 16/03 – VAG – Golf VII – Bosch MD1CS004
  • 30/03 – BMW – 1 Series – Bosch MEVD17.2.5
  • 22/02/2021 – HYUNDAY – Bosch EDC17CP14
  • 23/03/2021 – TOYOTA – DENSO 275922-428