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There are still few dates available, and places are finishing… Book your place today in one of our virtual classes.

The Alientech training in streaming, live and in your own language is coming to an end…

Even in these months, the Academy choices have been rewarding and each virtual class has always been or almost full. We already reached 1000 students and you can become one of them!

English virtual classes Tuners
Italian virtual classes Tuners
Russian virtual classes Tuners
Spanish virtual classes Tuners
German virtual classes Tuners

New training classes on some of the ECUS and TCUS among the most famous in the world. Thanks to our virtual classes, at the end of the three-hour course, you will know exactly how to proceed to get the most from that ECU.

Cutting-edge remapping, that offer you the opportunity to become independent, work better and be safer. The best professionals continue to learn and study, to keep up and not to miss precious business opportunities.

The best time to invest in your training has arrived: choose now our of our virtual classes!

Why choose Alientech Virtual Classes?

Like you are in class with your colleagues, with an Alientech experienced and mother tongue trainer able to explain you all the steps of the lesson clearly and by showing you real cases and  results tested on the test bench

Any doubts you might have during the explanation, no problem! Every question will have an answer!

At the end of the course, you will know the procedure to arrive successfully at the end of the remapping. And not only! A procedure can be replicated on many other vehicles that have the same ECU or engine… a single course to learn to work on many vehicles!

Choose the Virtual Classes most suitable for you!

  • 18/03    VAG – Continental SIMOS PCR2
  • 15/03 – MERCEDES – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 22/03 – VAG – Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 29/03 – VAG – Continental SIMOS18
  • 05/04 – MERCEDES BENZ – Bosch MED17.7.3
  • 12/04 – VAG – Continental SIMOS PCR2.1
  • 16/03 – VAG – Golf VII – Bosch MD1CS004
  • 30/03 – BMW – 1 Series – Bosch MEVD17.2.5
  • 23/03/2021 – TOYOTA – DENSO 275922-428

Discover our Trainers Team!

Riccardo Scarimbolo
Eronim Dumitru
Cesar Roldán
Ruslan Voytovych
Holger Krautt